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Only pay for what you use…

The UBA Health plan Consortium brings greater transparency and cost savings to employer-sponsored health insurance plans. The Consortium allows employers to self-fund their plan in a way that protects them in a bad year, but provides significant upside through surplus retention in the years the plan is running well.

You can’t predict when high claims will hit, but you CAN position yourself to manage these “bad years” without facing catastrophic renewals.

This program allows employers to take back control from the insurance carriers, provide a great benefit for their employees, and still only pay for what they use.

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Favorable Claims Year

    • Excess premium retained by the carrier
    • Renewals do not reflect favorable experience

Unfavorable Claims Year

    • Renewal offers are punitive – 30% to 50%+ premium increases
    • Carrier renewal strategy is to “run off the risk”


  • Lack of transparency (minimal data) makes renewal negotiations difficult
  • Primary renewal strategy is to change carriers, creating employee disruption
  • Plan design erosion
  • Development of a long-term plan strategy is impossible
  • Lack of rate stability creates a scramble to find lower rates


  • Removes plan control from the insurance carrier and places it back with the employer
  • Aggregate purchasing power of the consortium allows the employer to….
    • Achieve full transparency into plan performance
    • Capture underwriting savings in favorable claims year
    • Achieve stability with rate caps during unfavorable claims year
    • Leverage superior risk protection to develop a long-term plan strategy
  • Allows an employer formally considered too small to safely self-fund


The Partnership

Bim Group is a proud “Partner Firm” of United Benefit Advisors (UBA). UBA is an exclusive partnership of elite independent benefit advisors that serve 36,000 employers and who employ more than 5,000,000 employees.

The Benecon Group is the UBA Health Plan Consortium Third Party Administrator (TPA) providing expert actuarial, compliance, finance and care management solutions.  Benecon serves the self-funding needs of 1,250+ employers which generates $2 billion in premium equivalents and $375 million in stop loss premium.

The UBA Health Plan Consortium is exclusive to UBA member firms.