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ERISA, ACA, FMLA, COBRA, HIPAA, GINA, ADA, FLSA and the list goes on. Many employers are unaware of the full scope of responsibilities necessary for compliance with federal regulations for health and welfare plans. Adherence to regulations protects the client from fines, keeps employees informed, and creates a strong foundation for the health and welfare plan. Bim Group ensures compliance obligations have been streamlined for maximum efficiency. We do not provide legal advice, but with a dedicated Director of Compliance, we offer education, recommend next actions, and connect clients with partners to address vulnerability gaps. Bim Group prides itself on timely communication, relevant webinars, and a client compliance portal housing past webinar recordings, white papers, and articles are readily available to clients.

When the needs of clients are beyond our scope of knowledge, our UBA partnership provides external points of contact with specialized legal counsel to facilitate discussions.

Updates and Alerts

Complex compliance regulations and rapidly shifting benefits programs pose a challenge to employers. Through our UBA partnership, Bim Group provides proactive updates via monthly webinars, timely blog posts, and emails with a focus on Health Care Reform and other trending employee benefit issues. Additional benefits of the UBA partnership include receiving in-depth material regarding the overarch¬ing aspects of the benefits law, producing client checklists, and having access to model notices.

Monthly Webinars

Hiring employees, initiating wellness programs, offering COBRA or handling other HR-related task requires up-to-date knowledge of compliance and labor laws. Bim Group provides a monthly employer webinar series designed to help HR departments and company executives make informed choices while maximizing their time. Co-sponsored by UBA and Fisher Phillips, each webinar is designed (by a Fisher Phillips attorney who specializes in the subject matter) to educate clients’ staff regarding the law with the goal of supplementing the company’s compliance efforts.

Risk Analysis and DOL Audit Preparation

Bim Group understands the sometimes-overwhelming complexity of creating compliant employee health and welfare benefit plans. We make the process manageable and successful. Through an in-depth risk assessment comparing a client’s current plan to the expectations of the Department of Labor, we are able to identify vulnerability gaps, offer solutions to mitigate compliance risk and ensure compliance with applicable laws and contracted agreements. Additionally, Bim Group facilitates completion of necessary benefit-related forms such as ACA 1094/1095 Forms and Form 5500. Finally, we recognize that compliance is ongoing. Therefore, we offer an annual review allowing clients to continuously assess compliance needs and make adjustments as necessary.

Each of these steps by the Bim Group prepares clients for a DOL audit of the company’s health and welfare plan. In the event of an audit, Bim Group is beside you, helping to gather the information required by the DOL pertaining to the benefits managed by the Bim Group.

ERISA Attorney

As a UBA partner firm, BIM Group’s extended staff includes a team of ERISA and Employee Benefit attorneys, the UBA Chief Compliance Officer, and the UBA Staff Compliance Attorney. These resources provide company specific educational information on all aspects of employee benefits. In addition, we regularly consult with Fisher Phillips, one of the country’s most highly recognized employment law practices.

Staff attorneys are prohibited from entering into an attorney-client relationship. Bim Group will assist clients in determining when it is appropriate to engage outside counsel, and based on Bim Group’s depth of knowledge, resources, and consultation, the process is more time and cost efficient.

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