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HR / Employee Advocacy

Bim Group is committed to making employee benefits easy to implement and administer while affording HR professionals the opportunity to focus on their core responsibilities. Our HR advocacy resources are designed to support executive leadership decisions regarding benefits in tandem with providing employees with an exceptional benefit experience year-round.

Benefit Administration Technology

Benefit administration technology is an efficient system for managing tasks such as on-boarding, terminations, qualifying events and compliance reporting at a lower cost. With many benefit administration technology partners, Bim Group provides clients with support to seamlessly administer employer sponsored benefit plans. If the client prefers to select their own benefit administration technology, we will help in the selection and implementation with the preferred vendor. These systems allow HR teams to spend less time juggling administrative tasks and empowers employees to learn about and select benefits that best suit their needs.

Employee Concierge Service

Bim group serves as a liaison between our client’s employees and benefit providers. As employees experience obstacles, our customer service staff helps them navigate these issues while adhering to the highest standards of HIPAA. Bim Group has access to dedicated carrier contacts that assist in resolving employee issues quickly and efficiently. In addition, our account management team leaders are made aware of these issues to ensure there is not a systematic issue, which may require more than troubleshooting an individual problem.

HR Resources / HRCI Certification

Bim Group equips HR professionals with a prolific set of tools to support all aspects of human resources. As a UBA partner firm, we provide our clients with access to a dedicated team of Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) credentialed professionals who not only answer benefit-specific questions but are also knowledgeable regarding other HR topics (i.e., work place harassment, performance appraisals, etc.). Our HR resources include more than 200 on-line training courses with technology-enabled completion tracking for your employees. Furthermore, we provide monthly seminars that provide HR professionals with 1.5 hours of HRCI credit.

Standards-Based Management

Bim Group operates as a standards-based management company and strives for continuous improvement in all aspects of our practice. We are dedicated to developing reliable processes that produce predictable results to prevent repetitive mistakes, facilitate systematic implementation/ service, and provide an account management experience that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We are dedicated to establishing, reviewing, and revising our process in order to earn the confidence of HR professionals who entrust the development and execution of their employee benefit plans to Bim Group.

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