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Population Health Management

Identifying and mitigating health risks within an employee population, which results in reduced utilization and savings, is easy to articulate but difficult to execute…without the expertise of Bim Group.

Forward-thinking employers who embrace population health management (PHM) as an economic business decision drastically impact employee health care consumption. Bim Group’s PHM strategies benefit employers that aspire to gain control over the cost of employee health care.

On-Site Healthcare Delivery

Delivering on-site primary care to an employer’s workforce, as well as focusing on members with or demonstrating markers of chronic disease, is a high impact PHM tactic. Our expertise helps determine an employer’s ability to implement and sustain an on-site clinic, including the development of a detailed multi-year financial pro-forma. Utilizing a vendor that will analyze member health data, provide information to the practitioners, and deliver viable targeted interventions offers additional support for employee health. Preferred vendors demonstrate member engagement strategies, the ability to recruit clinical professionals, advanced reporting capabilities, and robust account management teams. Bim Group can simplify the selection of this vendor and develop plan design strategies to leverage the on-site clinic.

On-Site Pharmacy Delivery

For employers with more than 1,000 employees within a centralized geographic location, establishing an on-site pharmacy represents a substantial cost reduction opportunity. On-site pharmacies can be operated on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with other on-site health care services.

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