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Bim Group supports your health and welfare plan. We serve companies of all sizes and recognize the distinct challenges each size employer faces, from HR staffing capabilities to budgeting. We take great pride in providing resources that make adopting and sustaining a plan easy. Our solutions enable your team to focus on core responsibilities while building a strong foundation for future growth.

Serving employers with 1,000+ employees.

Employers with 1,000+ employees often have a secured business model, a stable workforce and an employee benefits plan that is an integral component of total compensation. HR departments include a Director of HR with a seat at the leadership table and allied professionals devoted to benefit administration. After four decades of experience in serving this employer space, Bim Group solutions are specifically crafted to include:

  • Account management teams staffed with consultants, account executives, account coordinators, client services managers, underwriters, analysts, compliance experts, graphic designers and concierge service representatives.
  • Teams specializing in complex project management with detailed timelines.
  • Strategic consulting, producing innovation, cost-reduction initiatives and multi-year planning and design.
  • International benefits enabling clients to scale the global market.
  • Population health improvement strategy development.
  • Executive decision support with detailed analytics and timely financial reporting.
  • Full scope of services, from benchmarking to benefit administration, to manage each aspect of an employer-sponsored plan.
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Serving employers with 100-999 employees.

Employers who have grown their workforce to the 100-999 employee range face a distinct set of employee benefit challenges. In this phase of growth, employers must focus on managing risk, considering for the transition from fully insured to self-funding and adhering to increased standards of benefit compliance. And in many cases, HR staffing must have more than one professional devoted to benefits.

Bim Groups customized solutions for employer clients in this space include:

  • Robust account management staffing
  • In-depth fully insured versus self-funding healthcare financing analysis
  • Compliance auditing
  • Strategic employee communication development
  • Hands-on open enrollment support
  • Full scope of services from employee communication to concierge claims service to manage each component of an employer-sponsored plan
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Serving employers with fewer than 100 employees.

From agile startups to legacy small businesses, the largest employment segment is comprised of businesses with fewer than 100 employees. This market segment provides a valued service to the community, but has limited HR resources. In many instances, a company founder, accounting or operations team leader serve as primary contacts for our team. Our customized services provide benefits that are not cumbersome for smaller companies to administer, including:

  • Hands-on staffing
  • Turn-key compliance services
  • Full access to pool and association healthcare markets
  • Access to HR professionals answering questions ranging from benefits to wage and hour regulations
  • Large-employer-style benefits for the small employer
  • Full scope of services aligned to the needs of small businesses
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