UBA Health Plan Consortium - Case Study 2 - Bim Group

Case Study: What would your company do with an extra $296,843?

The Consortium allows us to take a proactive approach to health plan renewals that empowers our clients with data and transparency.

This particular client started out fully insured. They were happy with the value they were providing through their employee benefits but were interested in lowering their cost. Case studies of employers who have taken advantage of the consortium model have shown substantial cost savings. This client in particular decided to switch to self-funded through the consortium model and saw savings of $296,843 for 2022!


Fully Insured to Self-Funded Historical Cost Analysis

Want more control?

The UBA Health plan Consortium brings greater transparency and cost savings to employer-sponsored health insurance plans. By putting numerous safety measures in place, the Consortium allows employers to self-fund their plan in a way that protects them in a bad year but provides significant upside through surplus retention in the years that the plan is running well. This program allows employers to take back control from the insurance carriers, provide a great benefit for their employees, and still only pay for what they use.


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