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BCBSA Antitrust Settlement Classes Eligible for Proceeds


November 5, 2021 is the deadline for filing a claim in connection with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) $2.67 billion settlement reached in October 2020. The class action lawsuit was filed more than eight years ago by subscribers seeking injunctive and compensatory relief arising out of BCBSA’s alleged violation of federal antitrust laws. Although final court approval for the settlement has not been granted, the official administrator of the BCBSA has established a website to provide information and instructions for filing claims online and by mail.  Payment of the settlement proceeds will be distributed to the settlement classes from the settlement fund after final court approval of the settlement.

Settlement Classes

Eligibility for settlement proceeds extends to individuals, insured groups (and their employees) and self-funded arrangements (and their employees) that purchased or were enrolled in a Blue Cross or Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance or administrative services plan during one of the two settlement class periods. The class periods, during which BCBS coverage was in effect, is based upon whether the coverage was insured or in connection with a self-funded plan. The class period for insured coverage is February 7, 2008, through October 16, 2020. The class period for self-funded plans is September 1, 2015, through October 16, 2020. Governmental plans and their participants are excluded from the classes eligible to participate in the settlement. Additionally, dependents, beneficiaries (including minors), and non-employees are not eligible to participate in the settlement.

Claims Process

In order to make a claim and receive a payment, claims must be filed online or by mail postmarked by November 5, 2021. Claims may be submitted online or by mail to:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement
c/o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91390
Seattle, WA 98111

Instructions for submitting claims are on the claim form. If employers and participants still have questions about class membership after review of the claim form and instructions, they are encouraged to contact the Claims Administrator at info@BCBSsettlement.com or call toll-free at (888) 681-1142.

UBA intends to issue a subsequent Advisor to address plan sponsor issues in connection with the settlement.


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